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German Dunkelweizen
Brown Ale
Pale Ale

Photograph of hops on the vine.
Another photograph of hops on the vine.

Note on brewing techniques

I mashed the grains in a 33 quart lobster pot, and regulated the temperature by adjusting the two gas stove burners that the pot covered. I fitted the pot with an "Easy-Mash" system (piece of copper screen hose-clamped to a copper tube attached to a valve on the outside) for sparging. Wort was chilled by running it through a coiled copper tube immersed in a bath of water and ice cubes. I'm migrating to mashing in an insulated drink cooler. The strike water does not need to be quite as hot with this technique, and should be about 10 degrees higher than the target mash temperature.

If you try any of these recipes, please let me know how it turned out. Suggestions, questions and comments are welcome.
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